Weight Loss Program

Achieve & Maintain Your Goal Weight at Next Level Fitness

Weight Loss Program

Whether you’re at the beginning of your weight loss journey, or struggling to shift those last few pounds, our customisable weight-loss packages will get you to where you want to be. We’ll also make sure you feel great and have some fun while you’re getting there!

Don’t worry if your fitness level is low, or if you feel like there may be a long road to achieving your goal. Our experienced, professional fitness team will combine expert nutrition advice with a fitness plan totally focused on your needs and ability.

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We’ll create a sustainable weight-loss plan that will achieve results, and help you feel fantastic. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and supported at every stage of your journey, helping you to make lasting changes to your lifestyle, health, and fitness routine.

At Next Level Fitness, we’re not about a quick fix – we’re about supporting you in changing your weight, and your lifestyle for the long run.

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If you’re ready to get started, or even curious about how Next Level Fitness Weight Loss packages could work for you, give us a call on 085 202 9962. You can also get in touch using the Contact Us page on this site, or through Facebook or Snapchat to kickstart your weight loss plan.

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Benefits to our Weight Loss Programs

  • Achieve and maintain your goal weight
  • Increase your fitness levels
  • Boost your confidence and energy
  • Improve your overall health and appearance through great nutrition and exercise

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Nutritional Plans

Our Weight Loss Packages Can Include

  • Personal or group training
  • Unlimited class passes (over 50 classes available per week)
  • Nutritional plans and ongoing coaching
  • Weekly weigh-in to keep you focused
  • Before and after photos (optional)

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