HIIT Classes Finglas

High Intensity Interval Training Class

HIIT Classes Finglas

Take your circuit training to the next level by trying our HIIT classes Finglas. HIIT (high intensity interval training) increases your workout impact through short, intensive bursts of exercise balanced with lower impact recovery periods. This is a workout that keeps you really focused and present, as you must give 100% during the high-intensity bursts, and use the lower impact periods to prepare your body for the next burst.

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As HIIT Classes are shorter than many traditional exercise classes, yet yield the same – and sometimes even better – results, HIIT really suits the busy lifestyles we have today. HIIT is a great choice for anyone who wants to increase fitness and burn fat as efficiently as possible.

HIIT is a regular class in our weekly schedule at Next Level Fitness. We recommend it as part of a well-rounded fitness routine for all of our unlimited class pass holders and our personal training clients. It achieves great results for beginners, but is also a brilliant challenge for those who already have a high fitness level.

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If you’re interested in attending our HIIT Classes Finglas, you can reach us on 085 202 9962, or by using our booking page. You can also easily book your place on a HIIT Class at Next Level Fitness by downloading our app.

HIIT Fitness Classes Finglas

Benefits of our HIIT

  • Fat-burning: Your metabolism gets a serious boost, meaning that you’ll be burning fat for hours after the class has finished.
  • Efficient: This class ticks all the fitness boxes in a shorter space of time.
  • Happy Heart: The high level of cardio fitness in this class makes it a great choice for a healthier heart.
  • Leave Smiling: HIIT gives you a major dose of endorphins, those happy hormones that keep you smiling.

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